Ways to Cut Your Travel Expenses on Your Next Trip to Europe. 

Everyone enjoys going on holiday but with the price for package vacations on the rise it is now more necessary than ever for you to look at ways that you can save money whilst having a good time with your loved ones while you are away. There are many ways that you can cut costs without sacrificing the experience that you and your family have on the rare occasion that you can travel. After the last year of uncertainty I think that we can all agree looking for cheaper alternatives is the ebay option if you want to maintain your savings.  



One way that you can save money on your next trip is by going for cheaper flights that are available for your destination, if you do not mind travelling during the night you may be able to save a significant amount of money per ticket which can be put towards your holiday spending money instead. There is a big price difference between commercial seats and first class so going for these tickets can also keep the costs down.  


Bike Rentals 

Another huge cost when taking trips to Europe would be transport while you are away. If you look at hiring cars to help make it easier for you to get around the city and see all of the top tourist attractions then a great way for you to save some money would be by hiring a bike instead. The great thing about bike rental in the centre of Haarlemis that even though it is in the centre of a major city it is still much less costly to hire a bike than a car during your trip as well as the fact that you are also getting a healthy workout to keep those holiday calories at bay.  


Package Deals 

If you are travelling with a large family then it may be in your best interest to go for a package deal as there is usually some kind of discount when you book altogether, with package deals your costs are also kept low as everything is included which also reduce the stress of thinking you have forgotten an important part of your trip such as airport transfers. It is very important that you compare the prices before you book to make sure that there isn’t a cheaper alternative available.  


Travelling Out Of Season  

 The cost of many major holidays will go up in price significantly when you are travelling in the summer period or when the schools are on holiday. If you are looking for a cheaper trip and you are able to travel out of season you could save a lot of money. When doing this I would make sure to check the predicted weather before you book as you will still want to go during  a time when the weather’s nice enough that it doesn’t negatively affect your holiday and regret making that decision.  


Self Catering 

 Depending on how many people are in your party and the hotels that are available at the time you want to visit it could be a good idea to cut cost by going self catering, as long as there are options in the area where you can buy fresh food to cook yourself, or restaurants where you can eat you trip should be unaffected. Many locations are known for their cheap and high quality produce so there is nothing stopping you from going self catering and saving money on hotel food that may not be very nice anyway. The best way to make this decision would be to research the area you are going and look at what the best options are.