Top Things To Do In Deloraine Australia

Check out our list of top 5 must-do things in Deloraine Australia.

  1. Liffey Falls: Liffey falls is a World Heritage Area of the Tasmanian Wilderness. It is one of the beautiful waterfalls you will ever see in Tasmania. The entire return walk will take only 45 minutes and during your walk, you will see the temperate rainforest and cascades on this river. The track starts from Deloraine is about 29 km to the south. In winter the track can be a little slippery, spring and summers are the best time to visit here.
  2. Deloraine Creative studios: If local art is your weakness, this creative studio is a heaven for you. Irrespective of your knowledge about art, you can visit this place to witness various arts and crafts unfold in front of you. The place is an open art studio of many artists who are at work and you can see them live. Woodwork, fashion, weaving, jewelry, furniture, toys, and glass studios can be seen here. You can also purchase any product on display from here.
  3. 41 degree South Tasmania: Fresh lunch or smoked salmon is a must-have at this place. When you visit this place you can enjoy a no-chemical and no-waste way of fish farming. Salmons are reared in huge ponds by this family-run business. You can take a walk, feed the fishes and then end your experience with their vast menu for lunch or dinner in the café. 
  4. Deloraine & Districts Folk Museum: This museum gives you a peel in the life of a country publican. You can take a pioneer walk within the huge garden that depicts the reclaimed heritage sites and showcases the early life, tools, and equipment used for farming in the region. It also has a four-panel centerpiece of the Meander Valley. 300 local people put in 10000 hours of work to complete this masterpiece.
  5. Deloraine Apex Train Park: If you are visiting Deloraine with your family and kids, this park is a must spot to go to. It has a clean and nice playground with a natural setting. The old train in the park is a hit among kids. The ponds have ducks which can be fun to see with children. There are climbing equipment that older kids can enjoy and a fenced area for toddlers. The park has toilets and good cafes nearby. So all this makes it an excellent picnic point.