The Best Destinations to Go Ice Fishing

Ice-Fishing is not the most appealing form of fishing out there. Spending hours in the freezing cold, huddled around a small break in the ice, hoping for a bite. But, for those willing to brave these harsh environments, it can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

You get to experience some of the most scenic winter views on the planet, while also catching some incredible fish. It can also be a very serene and relaxing time as well. Ice-fishing spots are often very secluded, giving you plenty of time to be alone with your thoughts. But where can you actually go Ice-Fishing? We have done the research and found the countries best suited for proper Ice-fishing. So once you’ve decided where to go, check your snow day calculator¬†and book your trip for the snowiest time you can find.



One of the more forgotten states in America, Alaska is a sprawling landscape filled with beautiful forests and pleasant tundras. All of which are often coated in a fine layer of ice and snow. Alaska can get extremely cold, particularly in the north. But because of this and the large open spaces, there are hundreds of viable locations for someone to go ice-fishing.

You simply need to locate one of the many lakes that freeze over regularly and set yourself up. Alaska is rich in sealife so you have a good chance of catching some incredible fish as well. Just make sure to be careful of the other wildlife that inhabits the Alaskan forests.



America’s neighbor to the north, Canada is a beautiful country full of incredible cities, beautiful national parks, and the famous rocky mountains. It can also get very cold in Canada, which is why they are famous for their fur-lined jackets and stylish mounty outfits.

It also makes Canada an ideal location to go ice-fishing. The Canadian landscape is home to hundreds of viable lakes and ponds where one can set up shop and ice-fish to their heart’s content. And you could take your Canadian trip to the next level by checking out the local wildlife or tapping into a maple tree to taste syrup direct from the source. Canada truly is a land of wonder and excitement, so we can’t recommend it enough.



Norway is renowned for its icy atmosphere. Home to the original Vikings and breathtaking landscapes, Norway is the perfect destination for anyone looking for some real ice-fishing. Norway is extremely flat compared to places like Alaska or Canada. But this does mean there are lots of perfect spots to set up your fishing expedition.

The sea life that inhabits Norway is also one of the most varied on the planet. Being so close to the north pole, you are bound to catch some interesting fish. And Norway has some of the most interesting histories of any country on the planet. As you explore this land you will be surprised just how interesting it is. Mystical folklore around every corner and beautiful wildlife roaming the open fields.


Ice-fishing is a fantastic sports experience, but it also comes with its own set of risks you need to manage. Make sure you are wearing warm, insulated clothing. Always have spare batteries and a working light source you can use. And make sure your tent and equipment are safe and secure at all times. And most importantly, be careful on the ice. Falling into ice water can be deadly if you are unprepared.

Happy Fishing!