The Best American Cities to Visit for your Mini-Break

When it comes to planning a holiday, we all usually focus on going somewhere hot with plenty of bars and beaches.  Let’s face it, once you have been on a few beach holidays, they start to lose their appeal. Even if the countries that you are going to are different, they all start to blur into one.  

A kind of holiday that is extremely underrated is a city trip. A city trip means that you don’t have to venture out of America, which means that you can save a considerable amount of money.  People forget just how vast America really is and there are a variety of different climates to choose from depending on where you look, so you are bound to find a location that fits what you are looking for in a holiday.  


Las Vegas 

No matter where you are from, we have all dreamed of one day traveling to Las Vegas and trying our luck in the casinos. Absolutely anything can happen in Vegas, which makes it all the more exciting. In Vegas, drinks are always flowing and the sun is always shining, so what’s not to love? If you are someone that isn’t too interested in gambling, then worry not. Las Vegas is also the center of live entertainment and you can expect to see singers such as Celine Dion and Britney Spears all year around.  Vegas is also well known for its quality magic acts, so all of your entertainment needs are catered for. All that we ask if you do choose to go to Vegas is that you do not try and replicate the scenes shown in The Hangover. 



If you are looking for some sun and boujee living, then you will want to visit Miami. Miami is extremely diverse and so you are bound to find something to do while you are there. If you like a long walk on the beach, then Miami will be perfect for you as it is well known for its white sands and blue waters. Miami also has a big water sports culture, so if you have ever wanted to see how you would handle the waves, then Miami would be the best place to try it out.  One of the main reasons that people travel to Miami is for the nightlife, it is said that you will never experience a night out like Miami, so why not try it yourself? 


New York 

New York is arguably the most famous city in America and it is recommended that you visit at least once in your lifetime. If you love musical theatre and brilliant food, then New York is where you need to go. There are countless famous restaurants and bakeries, all of which are open until the early hours. All of the most famous plays and musicals are performed in New York and though you will not be able to catch a viewing of Cats, you will find a musical that meets your taste.  



If you are looking for a quieter and more scenic break, then we recommend Stamford. Stamford is a quaint city that has a lively college culture. In Stamford, you can go for long walks through the heart of the city and then finish your evening in one of the many college bars that are open to the public.  Though things are usually quite tame in Stamford, it can get pretty crazy during football season. All you need to do is ask a Darien roofing contractor and you will learn just how messy the students can get. Last year one of the historic college buildings lost half a roof.