The 9 Best Picnic Spots Around the World

St Ives, Cornwall

Situated in the southern region of the UK, St Ives offers a reasonable balance between soft sandy beaches, luscious gardens, and quaint tea rooms. Nowhere else in the world would you find another location offering so much diversity in what you can do, the picturesque views along the coast make this a truly wonderful picnic spot, especially when the sun is shining.


Amsterdam, Canalside

Amsterdam is known to be a favorite picnic spot by both tourists and local residents, there is no need to bring a picnic with the array of freshly made, delicious street food that is sold up and down the street. If you have the opportunity to visit then why not pick up a tasty meal to enjoy sitting by Amsterdam’s photogenic canalside.


Brighton Pier

Another British location great for a picnic would have to be Brighton Pier, offering family fun and great viewing opportunities by the seafront, Brighton Pier is an ideal romantic spot to enjoy a picnic and take in the sunset. If you’re looking for somewhere more than just a picnic spot then Brighton also has a whole host of classic pier attractions to keep your family entertained.



Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park is home to one of the UK’s most iconic picnic spots, there’s nothing extravagant about Hyde Park apart from the long stretch of green fields that has visitors flocking to it year after year. In such a busy city finding solace in a natural environment has proven to be very popular.


Albert Dock, Liverpool

Liverpool is known for many things from its history to its musical fame but what many don’t know about Liverpool is that it’s home to some pretty great picnic locations. Albert Dock in particular is very popular, with multiple art attractions and very pretty views across the ocean side making it perfect for picnics.


Central Park, New York

Another picnic spot situated in the midst of a busy city is Central Park, a tourism hotspot and peaceful escape for many. Hyde Park offers vast fields of greenery perfect for relaxing with a picnic. On summer days it can get very hot so it may be a good idea to pack a cool box if you are planning on a longer visit, use either a rtic or yeti cooler to help you find reasonably priced coolboxes and picnic equipment to keep your food cool whilst you relax.


The Grand Canyon, South Rim

Somewhere for the more adventurous, the Grand Canyon really is a surreal location for a picnic, imagine eating your lunch surrounded by miles of high red rock mountains. A picnic here would be a truly instagramable location and a once in a lifetime opportunity, there’s something truly peaceful about the miles of rural red rock that make this a very unique picnic spot.



Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, Bristol

One that would be great for families looking for somewhere to go during the summer, Avon Valley is not only a great picnic spot but offers a whole host of fun activities suitable for all ages. This large park, packed with greenery has miles of fields perfect for a game of your favorite sports and is also home to the lake where boats can be hired.


Bournemouth Beach, Cornwall

Perfect on those hot summer days, Bournemouth is great for just packing up the car and setting off on a day at the beach. A great spot for picnics, the sand dunes overlooking the sea are an ideal spot as they provide a little more privacy away from the main beach area that can get overly busy.