A Look Into the World’s Most Tourist-Friendly Countries

A very common misconception that is shared among travellers is that when you go to a new country, you are hated by the locals. For some reason, people tend to believe that the locals of the countries that they visit, see them as nothing more than an annoyance. This is not the case at all. Of course, when you visit anywhere in the world, you are bound to encounter people that dislike you, that is just how the world works. However, for the most part, a lot of the locals of the countries that you visit can be extremely welcoming.

Put yourself into their perspective, if someone from a different country came to your town, you wouldn’t dislike them. Instead, you would want to get to know them and learn about where they are from, so why would this be any different for other people?

For a lot of countries, tourism makes up for a lot of economic support. This means that the more tourists that visit, the more economically stable the countries can be. If we look at the effects of the pandemic, some countries took a real hit when they were unable to welcome tourists.

Some countries are more accomodating to tourists than others, so if you are worried about being disliked by the locals, I would recommend visiting one of the more accomodating countries. Here is a look into the world’s most tourist-friendly countries.

  • Greece

Every year millions of people flock to Greece to enjoy a lovely holiday in the sun. You may remember that in 2015, Greece experienced an economic collapse that left the country in a place of uncertainty. It is believed that tourism to the country is one of the reasons that the country has once more been able to enjoy financial stability.

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and blue seas. Throughout Greece, there are thousands of hotels that are catered to welcome millions of tourists. The Greek people really appreciate the money that is brought into their country and the support that tourism gives local businesses, so they are incredibly welcoming to anyone that wishes to explore the country.

In recent years, many people have been opting to have a Greece honeymoon and so the country has started to cater to newly married couples, to make their honeymoon the best that it can be. After all, Greece is the place of origin for some of the most romantic stories in the world, so where else could possibly be the best honeymoon destination?

  • Holland

Something that you may not know is that tourism accounts for up to 30% of Hollands economic income, and for that reason, they absolutely adore tourists. You probably know the exact reason why Holland brings in so many tourists every year. Holland has some more relaxed approaches to the law than other countries around the world, which means activities like drug use and solicitation are perfectly legal.

Many people go to the country every year to take part in these activities and they spend good money for the pleasure of it.

The people of Holland are extremely welcoming to tourists and there are stores on nearly every corner that sells memorabilia for these tourists to commemorate their time in the country. There are a lot of important landmarks throughout Holland and there are regular tours and groups set up to show tourists these landmarks. The people of Holland are extremely friendly and inviting, so you will always feel welcome in this country.

  • England

Many people travel to England every year intending to visit London. London houses England’s royal family and so many people visit with the goal of visiting the famous Buckingham Palace. Something that you will notice when you are in England is that there is a lot of England memorabilia available for tourists to take home.

One of the most liked features of England is the tours that you can take in London. London is known for its iconic double-decker buses. Well, you can actually get a tour of all of London’s most exciting landmarks in one of these double-deckers. The bus announcer will give you a detailed description of London’s history, so you are bound to leave the country with a whole world of knowledge.

If the city isn’t for you, you will be glad to know that the folk that live in the countryside are also very accomodating to tourists. In the countryside, there are a lot of small businesses. The countryside in the UK is not nearly as populated as the cities, and so these small businesses actually depend on the support of tourism to be able to continue to be open.

Remember to be a good tourist

Now that you know where the most accomodating countries around the world are, you can plan your next holiday. However, do keep in mind that even though these countries are very tourist-friendly, they still expect a certain degree of success. Be respectful of the culture within the countries that you visit, as not doing so is a good reason for the locals of that country to dislike you. If you are not sure if you are being respectful, feel free to ask them questions, as it is better to be sure and be respectful.