5 Dishes From Around the World You Have to Try

When it comes to what we eat, it can be easy to find ourselves stuck in a rut of eating the same dishes. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as lack of time and lack of inspiration. If you are someone who has a busy schedule, the last thing that you want to think about is the food that you are cooking and so it is easy to go for something easy and familiar. One of the main reasons that it is easy to reach a cooking standstill is because of our environments, some places have set popular meals which can often leave people uninspired. Because of this, we think it is important that you look at other meals from around the globe so you can get a little inspiration.  Here are five dishes from around the world you have to try.



Sushi is a beloved Japanese dish that has quickly gained popularity in western countries. Sushi can come in many forms, with fish such as sushi and mackerel, and is fast and easy to eat a snack. You can find premade sushi at most supermarkets and also make it at home.


Finnish Fish

Though this may not sound like an extremely exciting dish, Finnish fish is delicious. The fish can be seasoned and prepared in many ways and is often served with steamed vegetables and some sort of potato. It is most famously served with potato marbles and makes a filling dish that provides a lot of energy. If you want to try the dish yourself, fish can be found at any market and you can buy potato marble at dizon farms.



Rosti is a delicious potato-based swiss meal that is easy to make and extremely filling. Rosti can be combined with your favorite meats and cheese and is often served with a fried egg on top, which is why it has become a favorite dish to eat for breakfast.


Roast Dinner

This dish is a British classic and is loved due to its homely feel and delicious taste. People in Britain love roast dinners so much that it is likely that you will find them enjoying one at the end of every week. Every household has a different idea of what makes a roast dinner perfect, but there are things that are often included in every dinner, such as a roast potato and Yorkshire puddings.



Though this may not seem like an exotic dish, this dish is still fantastic. Everyone loves pasta, cheese, and bacon- so what isn’t there to love about carbonara? Carbonara is extremely filling and delicious, it is also really easy to make and does not take long at all to put together. This means that you can throw it together on any day, even if you have a lot to do. It is also easy to make in bulk, so if you have any dinner parties coming up, this would be a good dish option.