4 Essential Bits of Clothing You Need While Travelling

If you are someone that doesn’t travel often and have found yourself confused about what you need to take with you, you have probably found yourself checking all of the most popular travel blogs. These travel blogs have probably told you that you need a million different accessories to take with you, which can be understandably overwhelming when you’re one person with one suitcase. Worry not, we have picked out our choice of what we think is absolutely essential when traveling.



Goggles come in many different forms and can be one of the most crucial items of clothing that you could take with you while traveling. If you are someone that plans on visiting somewhere hot, then you will definitely need some goggles for swimming. This is because you are likely going to be venturing out to sea or even just pools. If you are someone who is going somewhere a bit colder, then you may need to invest in some Ski goggles. If you go to a slope then you will be able to rent some goggles, however, it would be much more cost-effective to have your own that you can reuse.  If you are not sure about which goggles would be best, be sure to check out Snow Gaper’s goggle guide and find out the best quality goggles near you.


A Big Coat

A big coat is a must-have when traveling anywhere. No matter where you go, you are bound to experience the cold at some point during your trip. Big coats can be used in a number of different ways when traveling. If you are someone who is choosing to have a more budget trip, then you will be more than aware of how uncomfortable hostel beds are and even how cold they get. Coats can come in handy during those times and will allow you to remain comfortable when on the road.


Fluffy socks

Fluffy socks are arguably the most important piece of clothing that you can take with you on holiday. Fluffy socks are essential for all parts of traveling, especially for walking. Even if you are wearing the most comfortable socks possible, prolonged time on your feet can lead to pain. Having some big fluffy socks can help to prevent this and will make long walks much more comfortable. Fluffy socks will also keep you warm if you are traveling through colder countries, so make sure that you have plenty packed to take with you.



Thermals are a must-have for any traveling experience. As I have previously stated, it can get pretty cold when you’re venturing to other countries. However, if you are someone that is traveling light, you are not going to want to take a pile of clothes that will keep you warm. The good thing about thermal clothing is that they are really thin and so can fit comfortably in any bag and can be worn under your main outfits.